100 Years in the Nevada
Governor's Mansion


Foreword, by First Lady Dawn Gibbons
Chapter 1. A Case of Aristocratic Distinction: The Nevada Governor's Mansion
Chapter 2. A Handsome Building Indeed: The Work Begins
Chapter 3. The Accidental Governor: Governor Denver Dickerson
Chapter 4. A Down-and-Out Prospector: Governor Tasker Oddie
Chapter 5. The Great War: Governor Emmet Boyle
Chapter 6. The Roaring 20s: Governor James Scrugham
Chapter 7. A Cowboy in the Mansion: Governor Fred Balzar
Chapter 8. The Short-term Governor: Governor Morley Griswold
Chapter 9. The Reluctant First Family: Governor Richard Kirman
Chapter 10. The Presidential Scapegoat: Governor Ted Carville
Chapter 11. Two Newsmen from Ely: Governor Vail Pittman
Chapter 12. Nevada Joins the World Stage: Governor Charles Russell
Chapter 13. The Last of McCarran's Boys: Governor Grant Sawyer
Chapter 14. Son of a Basque Sheepherder: Governor Paul Laxalt
Chapter 15. A War Hero: Governor Michael O'Callaghan
Chapter 16. The Rancher's Son: Governor Robert List
Chapter 17. The Dreamer: Governor Richard Bryan
Chapter 18. The Dean of Governors: Governor Robert Miller
Chapter 19. The Migrant Workers' Son: Governor Kenneth Guinn
Chapter 20. A Determined Man: Governor James Gibbons