“This biography certainly represents a significant contribution to Nevada,
if not Western history. LaVere Redfield was a prominent figure . . though known more for his eccentric and mysterious behavior than for public works or any career in public life. The book sheds light on a life and career that have long intrigued northern Nevadans. . . .The author writes in a light, forthright style that is well suited to the narrative he is presenting .”

Eric N. Moody, Historian & Editor of
Nevada in the West magazine

The Curious Life of Nevada’s
LaVere Redfield:
The Silver Dollar King

Published 2014
by The History Press,
Charleston, SC

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LaVere Redfield was one of the most colorful and interesting characters in the West from his arrival in Reno, Nevada in 1935 until his death at seventy-six years old in 1974. Self-made multi-millionaire . . . ultra eccentric . . . the state's largest private landowner . . . prodigious gambler . . . victim of the nation's largest home burglary . . . convicted tax cheat . . . and famous after death as the fabricator of the $7.3 million "Redfield Silver Hoard." These are just a few of the extraordinary facets of Redfield's life that kept this quirky fellow in the news for most of his adult life, despite his fervent desire to live in obscurity.

LaVere Redfield, Nevada multimillionaire, dressed for a court appearance in the early 1960s.
This biography is the first in-depth look at the life of this western original. Folklore surrounding Redfield's life has crystallized into legend in Nevada. But the true story of the man and his life is uncovered for the first time through newspaper stories from around the West; national magazine articles; recorded oral histories; in-depth diary and manuscript files; and a large number of personal interviews with Redfield family, friends and acquaintances.

Acclaimed author John Berendt, Pulitzer Prize finalist for his non-fiction book Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, specializes in books about quirky people like LaVere Redfield. He wrote: "Eccentrics have a certain charm, and their lifestyles require a certain amount of daring. They live outside the norm and therefore run the risk of ridicule or even ostracism. I consider them artists, and their masterpieces are their own lives." This book is the story of the life-the masterpiece, John Berendt might say-of LaVere Redfield.

Although the story often reads like fiction, it is all true.